In the last two decades, Croatia has become one of the most attractive and thriving gastro destinations in Europe. The basis of Croatian cuisine is in the rich palette of natural ingredients, that have played an important role in its traditional gastronomy and are now the basis in contemporary approach. Here in Plitvice, you can enjoy unique combinations of rural, traditional meals and a sophisticated touch of modern world culinary trends.


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Unique Gastro Experience

In our restaurant you can taste the typical meals of Croatian hinterlands, regions of Lika and Kordun, prepared with all the high standards of contemporary cuisine in mind. Enjoy the taste of fresh organic free range meat, homegrown vegetables, trout and other freshwater fish - and of course - delicious sweets made from local fruits. For the ones that want to try out something different, there is a fair choice of typical and popular Croatian dishes, accompanied with a selection of domestic and international wine brands.

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